Inner and Outer Casing:
Chromadek pre painted steel, 0.6mm white.
Insulation: Polyurethane.
Doors: Low E heat reflective glass in aluminium frame
Doors slide on ball bearing inclined tracks and are
self closing with lockable doors.
The system consists of a condensing unit that cools
a finned coil within the insulated cabinet.
Air is forced over the finned coil by 2 axial fans, and cold air is forced to the rear of the cabinet into a hollow space between the shelves and the rear wall of the cabinet. Slots cut in the front wall of this cavity, direct the cold air horizontally through the space between the shelves. This ensures even temperature distribution within the cabinet irrespective of how each shelve is packed.
Refrigerator temperature control is by means of a digital
Alarm indication is provided for temperature outside 2˚C to 8˚ C.
CFC free.
Fluorescent light is switched on at all times.
Doors are fitted with a lock and key.

Depth – 635mm
Width – 1360mm
Height – 2020mm
Temperature – 4°C (Fridge)
Holdover time to – +10°C in 32°C ambient 4hrs

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